Anthropology and History Museum Tour

According to many sources such as business insider, travel channel and many other this museum ranks always in the top 10 world wide and it has one of the biggest collection of anthropological pieces worldwide.

In this tour we will take you inside the museum to show and teach you about the history of mankind from its origins and all the way up our current age, we will discus about various civilizations in he world but particularly we will make emphasis in cultures of Mezoamerica such as Aztecs, Maya, and Zapotec among others.

We meet in front of the museum (look for the pink hat or umbrella) is located in the park of Chapultepec, very lose to the Chapultepec zoo and Auditorio Nacional 

You can’t get lost, every staff member of your hotel or person on the street knows the place.

Look for the pink hat, bag or umbrella!

So if you feel like joining us please write us an email to or go to the booking page in the top menu or simply by clicking HERE.

Please note that if you travel with 6 people or more some special arrangements might be needed for you.

Everybody is welcome!

Price: 15 USD
Duration: 2.5 hours (aprox.)
When: Every Day at 2 pm
Where: Museum of Anthropology of Mexico